UniMax 6 ON V 8 UP CB 70-79036 REG 2 BX/SET * (Bl, Or, Gr, Ye, Pi, Gry, Ol, Br)

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Rotation: Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Olive, Brown

This set of bingo paper contains 1500 books.

UniMax Bingo Paper

UniMax Bingo Paper

UniMax® bingo paper offers maximum security, integrity, and game control.
A single, common serial number throughout a collated set of books makes tracking serial numbers easier than ever.

Arrow's Player Preferred® UniMax bingo paper was developed with game operators and players in mind.
With more Player Preferred series than any other line of bingo paper, UniMax allows players to dab more often,
keeping them excited and more involved.

Common Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are the same on every face of every book

within a unique set for added security and simplified tracking.

Auditrack™ System

UniMax booklets are consecutively numbered for

quick and accurate sales and inventory tracking.

Series Identification

Each series of UniMax contains a unique symbol

in the "O" of "BINGO" for easy series identification.

Maximum Security

Includes a 2D barcode, that can be scanned by a

POS system, containing important information about each booklet.

The UniMax Advantage

UniMax Bingo Paper is the industry standard for a good reason - it offers so much more than unique audit features and superior playability characteristics.

The Industry Standard

With innovative features like a common serial number, Auditrack, and

the Player Preferred series , UniMax has set the industry standard.

Variety and Flexibility

UniMax is available in eight series. With so many options to choose

from, you can find the right series to fit all your bingo needs.

Maximum Security

With a barcode printed on every sheet, UniMax offers more integrity,

accuracy, efficiency, and game control than ever before.

Common Serial Number

UniMax simplifies tracking and virtually eliminates players

from using bingo paper from another game or session.

Player Preferred Advantage

Arrow's Player Preferred series increases player

involvement with more dabbing, excitement, and fun!

Machine Collation

Machine collation provides a standard color rotation, offers

shorter lead times, and eliminates human errors.

UniMax Security Features

Protect your profits with the innovative security features of UniMax! There are four main security features to use when operating a game:

1. Border Color

The border color used on the bingo face identifies which game is currently being played.

2. Serial Number

This number should be posted at the beginning of each session to indicate the serial number that is currently being played.

3. Card Verification Number

The unique number is printed on each bingo face and is used to identify the 24 number face configuration of the B,I,N,G,O

numbers printed. It is used in electronic or manual verification to determine if a face is a valid winner for the current game.

4. Paper Series

Identifies the cards in play by the different range of 9,000 cards.


Standard Color Rotation

Game operators and players will know exactly what to expect every time

Extra Booklets in Each Set

Earn extra profits with the extra booklets provided in each set

No Wax Sheet

No wax sheet means reduced shipping weight and no extra trash in your bingo hall

Clean, Easy to Read Face

Features a unique half border design,

giving the numbers a larger, bolder appearance

Short Lead Times

UniMax offers the shortest lead times of any bingo paper –

72 hours from order receipt to shipment

Ready to Ship

UniMax orders are already on the shelf, and are

ready to ship from our facility, straight to you.

UniMax has a state-of-the-art 2D barcode printed on every sheet that contains important information about each bingo booklet.

 UniMax Security Barcode

The 2D barcode printed on every sheet of UniMax is an incredible benefit to bingo operators

using a point of sale (POS) system with barcode scanning capabilities. During sales of UniMax,

booklets can be scanned to quickly and accurately identify the product information for faster and more efficient sales.

Booklet sales and accounting will be faster and more accurate, allowing operators to streamline their sales and

get players into the bingo game faster and more efficiently. The additional integrity that this process

offers will not only be a benefit to operators and bingo players, but to distributors as well.

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