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Hello from the Charitable Gaming Group! The purpose of this newsletter is to provide permit and license holders the resources they need to manage their gaming account. As you know, all activity related to your gaming permit or license is conducted through your Revenue Online account. 

DEADLINE TO DONATE 2019 GAMING NET PROCEEDS IS DECEMBER 31, 2020 This year it is especially important to reinvest gaming net profits from 2019. Unlike the price of oil or a virus, this is something completely within our control; we can reinvest in our great state! If you have not yet donated, our economy is counting on you. 

EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT CONDUCTING A RAFFLE Every fall our telephones ring with questions about conducting raffles, and this year is no different. We know 2020 has been a tough year for everyone which is why we are allowing raffle tickets to be sold online through the end of the emergency disaster declaration currently set to expire on 11/15/2020 (see Senate Bill 241). Drawing the winning ticket online is also okay during this time. We have had several inquiries as to how to sell tickets online. Since conducting a gaming activity online is usually prohibited, we are unable to offer technical guidance but encourage permittees to use their best judgement in how to accomplish this and to keep good records. Whether a raffle is conducted online or in the traditional manner, following is a summary of the rules. 

Raffle Tickets 

1. The face of a ticket should be consecutively numbered and have a numbered detachable stub. 

2. The face of a ticket should contain the ticket number, date and location of drawing, name of permittee (operator) and permit (license) number, price, and whether a player must be present to win. 

3. Procedures and prizes should be disclosed either on the face of the ticket or on a pamphlet provided to a player at the time the ticket is sold. 

4. The numbered detachable stub should contain the permit (license) number, ticket number, and space for the player’s name, mailing address and telephone number. 

Raffle Drawings 

5. Post a copy of the permit (license) at the drawing so everyone can see it. 

6. Place all detachable stubs of tickets sold in a receptacle so each stub has an equal opportunity to be drawn. 

7. Draw the ticket(s) in a manner that is clearly visible to the gaming public. 

8. If the prize is cash of $50 or more, get a receipt from the winner. 

Other Stuff 

9. If you advertise your gaming activity you must include your permit number in the advertisement. 

10. The permittee (operator) must own the raffle prize without lien before the raffle drawing. 

11. Keep these records for 3 years from the date of the drawing: number of tickets printed and sold, number of unsold tickets, price collected, prizes, date and location of the drawing, prizes claimed, name, address, telephone number and prize won for each winner, and disposition of unclaimed prizes. 

Rescheduling a Raffle for Reasons Beyond Your Control 

To reschedule a drawing for reasons beyond your control, log into Revenue Online, navigate to the Messages tab and send us a message explaining why you are rescheduling. Reschedule the date and location of the drawing so the raffle is completed no later than the end of the calendar year following the year in which the first ticket was sold. If players must be present to win, notify each player in writing of the date and location of the re-scheduled drawing. 

Terminating a Raffle After Tickets Have Been Sold 

To terminate a raffle, log into Revenue Online, navigate to the Messages tab and send us a message to notify us that you are terminating a raffle. Refund the price of each ticket no later than 20 days after the scheduled date of the drawing. 


• We will discuss how to report receipt of COVID-19 relief funds/loans.

• What topic would you like to see in a future newsletter? Let us know by sending a quick message to the e-mail address below. 


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